Friday, May 10, 2024, Staining a Wood Deck with two Solid Colors in Richmond, VA
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We make Wood Decks and Fences look like New again!

This was a fairly simple project. Customer wanted to use a solid stain on an older wood deck. We first washed the deck with a simple bleach and detergent and let the wood dry. A day later, we returned and applied Sherwin Williams' Super Deck, solid stain with a light gray color with white trimmings. We used a Paint-sprayer to apply a solid coat to all parts of the deck. We finished by trimming with white and the results were worth the extra time!

If you are trying to make your wood deck stand out, think about interesting color combinations that you can use that might make your backyard a little bit more fun. You can change the colors every year, or every few years. It is worth it to be able to enjoy your backyard and to have a place to relax and enjoy an early evening and a glass of chablis. Invite a few friends over for a cookout or a place to gather and share stories.
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Sunday, April 28, 2024

Ready Seal water sealant, in Richmond, Virginia

One of the most beautiful finishes, Cabot Australian Timber Oil, Natural

It takes more time to put down, but the results are indisputable. Purely gorgeous! Not many deck refinishers can make a deck look this nice. .. Call, Southern Home Wood Deck at 804-585-8016

Here about Ready Seal brand, Water Sealant for Superior Linseed Oil and Tung Oil finish making Wood Deck and Wood Fence look Spectacular! Hear the advantages of using Oil-based products instead of Acrylic based Water Sealants. Strengthen Wood Fibers, Condition Wood!

Southern Home Wood Deck and Fence Cleaning and Sealing/ Staining. Richmond, VA and Cary, NC

Saturday, April 27, 2024 , featuring oil-based Ready Seal Water Sealant's on Wood Decks and Fences


I have written about the water sealant product for wood decks and fences called Ready Seal for several years. It is just a wonderful water sealant that looks beautiful! I love the natural appearance. The product comes in lightly tinted shades, as you can see on the color wheel below. Another thing that I like is that the product contains Linseed Oil. Linseed oil is a well known wood conditioner, used for thousands of years by Mariners on their wood boats. This is a wonderful wood conditioner, because when the wood dries, it encourages the wood grains to pull back upon themselves and make the wood more water-proof.

 Southern Home Wood Deck and Fence started using the product on wood decks and fences several years ago, and the product was rebuffed by big box stores, and not because it was not a good product. Ready Seal was a smaller company compared to Olympic and Thompson's, and they could not compete on the same scale, and it became a product only sold to the professionals. I have seen it from time to time, but it is hard to find. But, if you like a natural finsih- look for it! cleans and seals wood Decks and Fences in Richmond, Va and our staff are experts and are happy to answer any questions you may have. If you do not want to tackle a big project using this product, please ask and we will be happy to look at what you are working on. 
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Thursday, April 25, 2024

Ready Seal Water Sealant on Wood Fences and Wood Decks- Beautiful and Natural-looking!

Richmond, Virginia

Ready Seal Water Sealant is a Linseed-based water sealant that we most often use on new wood. We like this product because new wood has lost much of its natural oils during the process of pressure-treating the wood. Wood is put in giant vats where the would is infused with a chemical that makes the wood insect-proof. The wood's natural oils get lost in the process, so we will use a very wonderful product like, Ready Seal Water Sealant to help protect the wood from warpng and cupping, rot and decay.

The product comes in several colors, below you can see us applying a Honey-gold colored water-sealant to a new wood fence. The color is very natural, and it will look pretty for several years.

In Richmond, Virginia, please call Southern Home Wood Deck and Fence for your current project. We clean and seal new and older fences and we can help you choose the best product for your project. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024 CABOT GOLD, and Australian Timber Oil by CABOT Water Sealants


Cabot GOLD Looks Like a MILLION BUCKS! 

Finding great Water-sealant products that will last on your wood deck is how we operate. I love the beautiful finish left on the wood deck when using the product called, Cabot Gold. Just look at this deck that we cleaned and the beautiful, polyurethane like finish left on a normal wooden deck. It absolutely sparkles and shines! It is gorgeous.

The finish is somewhat hard like a polyurethane, and the color is very pretty.

If you are thinking about tackling a project like this with the Cabot Gold product, please feel free to give us a call and somebody in our office can tell you the best methods for applying this product. If you do not want to fool with it and want to have the work done professionally, please give us a call at (804)585-8016 and we can come take a look at your wood deck or fence.

Best Deck Stains and Sealants used by Southern Home Wood Deck Cleaning/ Water-sealing, Richmond, VA

CWF-UV5 Cedar Stain for Wood Decks proved to be 2016's best stain of the year, as per my assessment of all products/stains and sealants for applying to Wood Decks and Fences.  

We tried every product on the market in 2016 and we were very interested in finding a product that was of the highest quality. We wanted to find one that had a very high rating going into the application, had a nice finish, had a nice finish color and had the highest approval rating by my customers. In the continuing year I will go back and assess each product and how it holds up as time goes by.

Trying so many different products took lots of man-hours, so much time. I can promise you that the big box hardware stores will do everything in their power to convince you to buy their products. But, each product is different and each has variables that only a contractor, like myself, thirty years cleaning wood decks, can teach you about. 

Every product produces a different result. No two products are the same. Some products behave completely different from other products. Some are easier to apply than others. Some seem to have almost a polyurethane like finish. Others have a seemingly plastic-like finish. Oil is better for wood, and those products that contain oil, they look best. Silicone finishes are hard to work with. These are just a few thoughts on a multitude of topics related to deck refinishing. 

Here is a deck completed with Cedar CWF-UV5. It is in the process of just being finished and looks a tiny bit wet in various sections while taking this shot. 

Some of the other colors that were popular were the CWF-UV5 Honey-gold. It is rich in pigment and having more pigment keeps the wood looking newer for a longer period of time. Here, you can see the deck mid-way through the staining process,after having been cleaned. 

CWF UV5, Honey-gold

I used another product that is ranked highly on national, private polls, and it was the first year that my company has used stains by Sherwin Williams. The Sherwin Williams product was very rich with color, always a good feature. I tried to highlight the beauty of the following deck with a few shots with my camera. The pigment was so rich that it was easy to use overtop brand new wood. That is not common. Typically, when I replace a piece of wood, I can tell the wood has been replaced when I have stained the deck. With Sherwin Williams' product, it makes it virtually impossible. 

One product that I would not recommend using for any person, novice or professional is the Thompson's Acrylic colored sealant. The deck below was sealed with this product and it was extremely hard to use. The price seemed right at less than $20 per gallon, but the finish was not one that showed the wood-grain well. It took numerous coats to make it look perfect. The key with this product is to not let the wood finish dry, if you are going to put two coats on the deck, do one right after the other. If you do not, you are going to have problems. Total commitment is the earmark of this product. It is acrylic and it does not have the tendencies of normal sealants with an oil base. We were able to make it look perfect, but many man hours were used to get the job done.
I believe the color was called Harvest Gold, Thompson's, super hard to work with

Now, let me talk about a very beautiful product called Cabot brand, Australian Timber Oil. The appearance of this product is luxurious. It is an incredibly beautiful product with a finish that reminds me of freshly finished wood floors. I am skeptical how well this product will hold up over the coming year, but I will be checking at the one year mark. You have to use nearly twice as much product, which makes the cost very expensive, but the finish is undeniably beautiful. The deck I am about to show you was finished by a gentleman who probably did not put enough of the product on the deck. I had to come and strip the old finish off of the deck and then apply twice as much product that I would have had to use with nearly any other product. It did look beautiful when done. Other water-sealant companies have tried to mimic this product, but only Cabot brand seemed to really look super rich.

Cabot brand, Australian Timber Oil

Solid finished decks were a hit this past year. We were working on decking on River Road in Richmond, VA and we were able to take a twelve hundred square foot deck and use it over a previous stain and make it look new again. My company used forty-two, sixteen foot boards to bring the deck back to life. The customer and I chose colors that matched colors we could see in the stone to make the wood look brilliant and new. This was the biggest job we finished in 2016 and you can see how nice it looked after the transformation. Here are a few pictures. 

This was Behr brand solid stain, a product I liked and would recommend using. It covered well and had a nice appearance. 

I used Olympic Cedar Maximum on a deck at the beginning of the season. Olympic, and all companies, changed the formulation of their products to become V.O.C. compliant- Volatile Organic Compound. Virginia was one of the last states to comply with the new EPA regulations and only time will tell how the product holds up. It was much different than what I have used in the past. This one deck was for a previous customer of over fifteen years and he was shocked by the cost of using the new EPA compliant product. We had to use a lot more to get a nice finish. Olympic is found at Lowes, primarily, and I can say definitively that it is not the same product. It use to be rich in its appearance. It still looks nice, but it is completely different, now. 
Olympic Maximum Cedar

Sikkens is a name I will not be using in the future. I will only use it if the wood is new. And, only the Cetol make of the product will I use. It is very expensive, hard to find- usually only at specialty paint stores. So, a few tips on Sikkens products, I am a certified professional that had to take a course in order to become certified to use it. It is not supposed to be removed when reapplying. A deck can be cleaned before reapplying. When I cleaned the following deck along the James River, I had to come back with two coats and my customer was not happy with the appearance. I could agree with her. To remove the stain, which is what I would have had to do to have uniformity, it would be necessary to sand off all of the old product. We tried to do that, reapply, it never did look right. I racked my head for hours, spoke to technical support at Sikkens and no good solution could be found to simplify and lessen the cost of the undertaking. Finally, I, for the first time in my many years of doing this type of work, had to bow down and accept defeat. A solid color was used and frankly, for the landscape of the yard, it was the perfect solution. So, below, see how it looked after being finished with a semi-transparent finish and what it looked like after I came back and finished with a solid. 

Sikkens Cetol brand product did not look right, no matter what we tried. Finally, switched to solid finish and achieved a nice result. Gorgeous view!

Please, consider using Southern Home to refinish your wood deck, fence, or to pressure-wash your home. Call: (804) 585-8016, Cleaning and Sealing using Ready Seal oil-based Water-sealant on a Wood Fence in Woodland Heights, Richmond, VA 23225


Southern Home Wood Deck has been Cleaning and Sealing Wooden Decks and Fences in Richmond, VA since 1987. Richmond, VA's longest-standing Pressure Washing company and Power Washing company have more than thirty years of experience! Old wood can look new with proper cleaning that includes a light acid for removing layers of mold and mildew without damaging the wood. Wash of diluted bleach ensures mold and mildew will not easily return. 

Then, the application of an oil-based water-sealant helps condition wood and strengthen wood fibers. I prefer Ready Seal Water Sealant with Tung Oil and Linseed Oil. These natural wood conditioners protect the wood and help to tighten wood fibers to ensure long life of the wood. 

The Pecan color is used here to make fencing look natural and beautiful. This is one of the better products available. 

For a free estimate, please contact Joseph Sowell with Southern Home Wood Deck at for a quote. Or, visit our website at . 

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Fence Powerwashing and Staining, in Richmond, Virginia by

Southern Home Wood Deck in Richmond, Virginia has been Cleaning and Sealing Wood since 1987!

We are often asked about new wood and what is the best product to use to seal new Wood Decks or Fences and almost always I will recommend a product that I use quite often, Oil-based Ready Seal Water sealant, which contains Linseed Oil and Tung Oil, which act as a Wood Conditioner. What is a Wood Conditioner? A wood Conditioner is an oil, which strengthens wood fibers and compels wood grains to contract and to pull back upon themselves, helping to naturally strengthen your wood.

We have all seen the damage that sun and the elements can do to wood over many years of time. Wood becomes cracked and warped, and this process of applying a Linseed Oil-based product to the wood, keeps that from happening. 

Not only that, but it protects wood from the Sun's natural and harmful Ultraviolet rays. It is also a natural fungicide and keeps mold and mildew from growing on your wood. This product is really good, it is very natural looking and comes in several natural appearances like Pecan, Honey-gold, Redwood, Cedar and a few more. You can look at our website for a full list of colors.

If you are looking to have wood cleaned and sealed professionally and using the highest quality of Soaps and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, please contact in Richmond, VA. (804)585-8016